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New England Journal of Medicine opinion piece:

“In medicine today, uncertainty is generally suppressed and ignored, consciously and unconsciously” as it “instills in us a sense of vulnerability, a sense of fear about what lies ahead.”


➢ Congressman Rapp’s Lyme disease legislation moves forward.

➢ Senator Gillibrand calls for more federal funding to prevent and treat Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.


➢ ALCE calls for need for reliable, consensus diagnosis of Lyme disease.

➢ The Chronic Lyme Association of Spain denounces underdiagnosis.

La Asociación de Lyme Crónico de España denuncia el infradiagnóstico

➢ Forestry agents warn of the danger of ticks on walks in the field

➢ Chronic Lyme Association of Spain denounces underdiagnosis and calls for reliable, consensus diagnosis


➢ Health will focus its surveillance on Nile virus and Zika bugs.


➢ Lyme disease myths: Separating fact from fiction for military personnel. February 2021


➢. “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my kids”: Yolanda Hadid on her battle with Lyme disease.


➢ Laia Sanz reveals that she suffers from Lyme disease.


➢ What do coronavirus and Lyme disease have in common? More than you might think. August 2020


➢ The loneliness and incomprehension of Lyme disease sufferers” RNE 5


➢ Treatment came too late: when a young man with Lyme disease commits suicide.

➢ Justin Bieber confesses to having Lyme disease.

➢ Vicenta has Justin Bieber’s disease: “I’m in a wheelchair because of Lyme.”

➢ What is Lyme disease, or tick disease that Justin Bieber suffers from.

➢ Jorge Fernandez: “I suffered from mercury poisoning from eating too much tuna for 10 years” and suffers from Lyme disease.


➢ A mother diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and facing life in a wheelchair is cured, after she discovered her symptoms were due to a tick bite.–discovered-symptoms-TICK-BITE.html

➢ Watch out for ticks!


➢ What climate change is doing to birds.

➢ Warming weakens raptors’ immune systems while disrupting the migrations of other birds.

“Potentially deadly tick-borne parasite found in UK.”

➢ Spanish researchers open the door to an alternative therapy to antibiotics against bacteria.

➢ Study finds Crimean-Congo fever antibodies in blood donors.


➢ Tick-borne disease kills a child in Yucatan: Two people are ill.

➢ News of a study in the Basque Country.

➢ Lecture on Lyme Déborah Jublin (Lyme Europe Tour), to Environmental Health and Pharmacy and Parapharmacy Vocational Training courses.


➢ FDA approves Babesia blood test system.

➢ About Europe Lyme Tour.

➢ Psychosomatic fraud as (emergency) diagnosis of complex diseases.

Psychosomatic diseases are often mentioned in recent years. However, the contours of these maladies remain blurred.

➢ 85 groups in 9 countries protest against IDSA Lyme guidelines.


➢ Misconceptions about chronic illness and pain.

➢ We receive cases of children broken by Lyme disease”: an association complains.

➢ The province of Lugo risk zone for tick bites.


➢ CDC agrees to add a disclaimer to the Lyme disease case definition.

➢ Congress suspects the Pentagon conducted secret experiments to create infected insects as a biological weapon.

➢ A doctoral thesis carried out at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Lugo shows that the probability of contagion of ailments such as Lyme disease to people by ticks is high. We collect some prevention measures to reduce the risks.

➢ “details that especially Lyme disease and rickettsiosis are more likely to appear transmitted by ticks in areas such as the Galician territory.”

➢ The Guardian: “Lyme disease: is a solution on the way?

About disulfiran. Interview with Dr. Lewis


➢ Draft of new IDSA Lyme guidelines available for public comment.


➢ GuipuzKoa News “Lyme disease.”


➢ Patient lawsuit against IDSA and insurers moves forward in Texas.




➢ How Lyme bacteria can outsmart the human immune system.


➢ La Rioja “Health notes increase in serious cases due to tick bites”.



➢ Nieves Herrero interviews Ana Navarro on TV13 (first part).

➢ Nieves Herrero interviews Ana Navarro on TV13 (second part).

➢ La voz de Cádiz, “The danger of the smallest bite”.



➢ Asturias weekly “Report on Lyme disease” Very interesting.

Video YouTube

➢ Why is Lyme disease no longer just a tick-borne disease?


➢ The incidence of Lyme disease is increasing in Asturias.


➢ Canadian singer and actor Kris Kristoferson was treated for Alzheimer’s for years. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease he is getting his life back on track.

➢ Lyme disease bacteria take refuge in the lymph nodes.

➢ Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up (S/F).

“But where are those 15 researchers who said they found live Lyme bacteria (spirochetes) in the brains of the vast majority of multiple sclerosis patients, they all lied?


➢ El Mundo País Vasco (EFE) “Lyme disease, the nightmare caused by a tick” story of a sick woman from Irun.

➢ Lyme disease: symptoms and tips to get better.

➢ El Comercio. The case of a Lyme disease patient in Gijón.

➢ El Mundo (Bilbao).

Lyme disease, the nightmare caused by a tick.