“I love everything in the world, except ticks.”

Lyme 2022 awareness campaign



Lyme 2021 awareness campaign

Lyme 2020 awareness campaign

On the occasion of the 17th May, “International Lyme Disease Day”, on Wednesday 20th May we held the “ALCE – Dr Carmen Navarro Meeting” via telematic means. These are the videos of the meeting: 

  • Presentation of Dr. Navarro 
  • Presentation by Dr. Navarro and round of questions.

2020. May, World Lyme Disease Month

Throughout the month of May, coinciding with the world month of the fight against Lyme disease, we are launching the “Bite a Lime for Lyme” challenge, adapted from the international “Take a bite out of Lyme”. The aim is to raise awareness of our disease in society and spread the word about different aspects of the disease.

Are you up for it? Great! Then follow the next three steps.



1. TAKE A BITE: Bite into a lime and TAKE A PHOTO OR SHORT VIDEO of the moment – the more sour your face looks, the better (and funnier!).

2. SHARE A FACT: choose ONE FACT ABOUT LYME DISEASE, from the ones provided below. You can say it in your video, write it on your photo or share it when you post it on social media – help us spread the facts about Lyme disease!

3. SHARE IT: keep the campaign going and ENCOURAGE YOUR CONTACTS to take a bite of the lime! You can also ENCOURAGE SEVERAL PEOPLE (your friends, family, whoever) to take a bite! Name them in your video or if you take a photo, tag them in your post. And most importantly: share it on your favourite social network!

Lyme 2019 Awareness Campaign

From ALCE we share this video which is the result of the voices of Lyme patients who have participated in the event organised for the month of May 2020: “Lyme disease: present and future”. Please share via WhatsApp and social media.

We hope that the future will do justice to our wishes.

Let’s all shout together: “Lyme exists in Spain and in the World”.

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